Support Services

Speech/Language Therapy

The Timothy School Speech and Language Clinicians specialize in providing an integrated model of therapy for our students that begins with an informal diagnostic assessment. Clinicians and Special Education Teachers work together as a team to determine each child’s communication mode, strengths and needs.

For students with severe language needs, instruction initially emphasizes one to one therapeutic lessons at the speech center. As students make progress on their communication goals, instruction moves to the classroom and other environments where clinicians teach our students to use their communication skills in day to day interactions with others.

The goal for Speech Therapy is to increase our students’ receptive and expressive communication skills. Our Clinicians work to establish a primary mode of communication for each child. They introduce the students to language through speech therapy, picture communication and augmentative/alternative communication systems with emphasis on computer technology.

Our Timothy School Clinicians know that communication must extend beyond the therapy they provide for our students. They demonstrate this commitment by working in collaboration with parents, teachers, therapists and specialists to ensure that communication is always a shared experience at school, at home and in the community.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Our full-time therapists concentrate on supporting students in the areas of daily living, educational, and vocational skills. They work with the students both individually and in group sessions to address sensory needs and fine & gross motor dexterities within the classroom and throughout their educational program. These push-in or pull-out sessions are integrated where possible to encourage generalization of skills across all settings.

Reading Support

Our full-time Reading Coordinator works closely with the teachers to assist with the implementation and instruction of students’ functional reading objectives. From phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and text comprehension, the literary experience we provide our students is one of the services our parents most often thank us for. A variety of curriculum materials are utilized in order to best meet the needs of each individual student.

Every program at our school participates in library reading groups with the Reading Coordinator weekly within the library. Students are not only are exposed to great literature, but the sense of community and sharing that is involved at a library.

Music Therapy

Our music therapist, who has worked at The Timothy School for 21 years, provides music therapy three days per week. Each year it seems more and more published studies tout the benefits of music therapy for ASD students. For more than 25 years, our students have benefited from the integration of music into their educational schedule. In music class, students are encouraged social interaction as they pass and share instruments, dance and sing.

Physical Education

Our physical education classes may be one of the most popular activities in the school! The program focuses on lifetime leisure skills to enable the students to learn how to fully participate in activities in their homes and communities. But for the students, they are just excited to bowl, play basketball, rollerblade, play miniature golf, and engage in other physical fitness activities.